Frequently Asked Questions

What's is forex trading camp?

Forex trading camp is a platform in learning forex trading. It's also a place where students and members socialize. It has a social media feel that's popular to most people online. There are also live events related to forex trading that add's to the learning of every student.

Why should I join?

If you are serious in learning and earning in Forex Trading and yet want to have fun learning, then there's no reason not to join. With our platform tailored to interact with other students, traders and beginners, you will have unlimited resource for your forex trading journey. 

What's your advantage over the others?

We are not aware of what the others are offering compared to ours. We can however confidently tell you that we have lessons that we have proven to work from our offline students and have a very high success rate. We have decided to take it online as we have requests from people who may not have the time to attend regular learning hours, while others are just too far on the location for learning. There are also some who cannot retain the learning immediately and require a repeat of the lesson but will have to wait on the next learning cycle. Forex Trading Camp solves all that with a platform where you can learn at your own pace and time and still be socially involved with other students.

What are the strategies? And are they guaranteed to work?

There are different strategies available in the program. Some were contributed by our friends at PAFTI and some from experienced traders who have years of experience in successful trading. There are no 100% guarantee in trading as there are a lot of factors that can affect how successful you can be. However, by enrolling and being equipped with the strategies of the program, it will provide you with the highest chance of success when you start trading.

Why are your pricing low compared to other sites? Why not give it for free?

We have priced it low as we want everybody to afford learning forex trading without breaking their wallets. We believe it should be accessible for everyone. We are not giving it for free since majority of the fees are used for up keep of the site and the program. Our introduction and basic course can be found in Philforex.com for those who want to have an idea of what to expect from it and its free. However, you will not have access to our other resources made available to members that we feel are very important to your success in forex trading. 

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do. Everyone that joins the program automatically becomes an affiliate.

Why do we need to enroll as members to become an affiliate?

You have to become a member first is because we feel it would be difficult for someone to promote the service without knowing and understanding the actual offering. By experiencing the platform, it will give the affiliate the knowledge of why the program is as good as advertised. The program does not cost an arm and a leg so its easy for everyone to join and at the same time take advantage of all the benefits provided to members.  

Where can I join?

You can join by going to our enrollment page. We suggest that you take the whole program and enjoy the benefits. You can click here and join.